Monday, February 21, 2011

Introduction time!

What's up! My name is Gabriëlla, Jim's girlfriend. I'll tell you a bit more about us.
So as you might have read, we both live in The Netherlands. We live very close to Amsterdam. I'm 15 years old, and Jim is 17 years old, and we go to the same school, but we're not in the same class. In our spare time we usually hang out together, and since we both love to game, we also game a lot. Jim loves to sport, but I really really don't!  So yeah, you can call me a little lazy.
As you might have seen, there's a link to my WeHeartIt page. The pictures which you'll see when you open it, are pictures that really inspire me! So you can follow me there if you want to. There's a link to Jim's YouTube channel aswell, so you can check that out too!
So, this was my introduction! I'll see all you bloggers around!

Love, Gabriëlla.